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🧠 How You Can Turn 1 Consulting Client Into 10

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For the newsletter this week I thought I'd share the behind the scenes of a conversation I had with a prospective client this week:

"Do you have a client that you have delivered a great result for?"

"Yes. 1 really prestigious one in the manufacturing sector"

"And their supply chain also needs your service?"


"How many suppliers do you think they have?"

"About 400"

"And how many have you contacted?" I asked

"None" He replied. And i think it began to dawn on him that proactive business development isn't cold calling or aggressive sales tactics.

I shared with him the 'Bullseye Method' that I usually reserve for paying clients that could potentially unlock 20, 30 or more ideal clients for his consulting business.

And I'm sharing it with you in the latest edition of my newsletter which you can and should access below...



PS: I have linked you to a full Linkedin article because I describe my process in step by step detail. That was probably too much for your email inbox.

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