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How To Create 5 New Consulting Clients From Your Warm Network

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This is an easy to run sales and marketing campaign to launch a VERY SPECIFIC front end offer proactively to your warm network of contacts.

If you follow the process you should be able to win 5 new clients in a very short time frame.

All without ad spend, posting content or overtly aggressive prospecting.

HOW: Follow the plan laid out below.

This is a simple action plan.

And the simple process is outlined below:

Process Overview

Where to find your targets:

The contacts for this strategy are your personal network and past prospects.

There are 3 distinct groups but in reality, you can add groups 2 and 3 together for outreach purposes.

Group 1: Past direct business opportunities. These are people that:

  • You have worked before in some capacity that is not covered by the new foot in the door offer
  • You have issued proposals or responded to RFQ/RFP’s previously but did not end up working with them.

Group 2: Warm Network. These are people in your contact lists and Linkedin network that are highly relevant to your offer. These could be people you’ve worked with before, consultants you’ve worked with before, people you were in University with and Association contacts - people directly involved in your target market or have connections in that market.

Group 3: Personal Network. These are people in your network that may not be a direct fit for your offer but could refer you to other people in their business and/or network. The reasons we contact these are many:

  • Most people have limited knowledge about exactly what their network actually does. They may be your ideal client but you just don’t know it
  • They almost certainly know people they can refer you to
  • You can practice your pitch and get more confident and proficient with that

How To Roll This Out:

  • Day 1: Write the script below
  • Day 1: Build a list of 100 + people
  • Day 2: Message 50
  • Day 3: Message 50
  • Day 4: Message 50
  • Day 5: Message 50
  • Day 4-7 Run Calls
  • Day 7 - Analyse Results


Group 1: Past direct business opportunities.

These are people you have issued a quote/proposal or had a strategy call with before. Therefore you know what pain they were trying to solve or what goal they are trying to achieve.

In many instances, they may have ‘gone cold’ on you and not responded back before or 'ghosted' you.

We leverage that past knowledge and roll it up into a very, very short and sweet first contact email or text.

Do not be tempted to embellish what is written here.

The goal is to get someone to respond rather than pitch them.

This is a ‘2-step’ strategy.

The goal is to ask a question directly related to their pain or goal or something that impacts them and not about your service or service or job title i.e don’t say ‘are you still interested in sales training?’

Ideally, you’ll be able to take this from your past interactions or your expert knowledge about what they want/need/will be impacted by.

Approach 1: Use this when you are confident you know something about their pain or goal

Contact 1: This can be by text, LinkedIn or direct email. It’s entirely up to you. Implementation is more important than the channel.

Subject - [Their name]

Body: Examples

  • Hi [First Name] - are you still grappling with [Pain]?
  • Hi [First Name] - are you still trying to achieve [Goal]?
  • Hi [First Name] - are you still curious about [Goal/Process]?
  • Hi [First Name] - are you being impacted by [Industry change/legislation]

Some ideas for you:

  • Are you still grappling with new client acquisition?
  • Are you still losing ground to competitors?
  • Are you still interested in automating repetitive marketing tasks?
  • Are you getting audited this year?
  • Are you still planning on [Goal]?

That's it. DO NOT add anything else to the email.

When someone replies it will be with a sense of curiosity. You have some degree of flexibility in how you respond from here.

Typically people reply back with things like - yes, it’s still on our radar but we haven’t just got around to it.

Don’t jump in and scream - “I can help you!”

Reply back with something like

“OK… I have a few ideas about how you can [remove pain or achieve a goal]. Let’s connect this week if you are around and I’ll run you through it?

Approach 2: When you aren’t entirely confident about their pain or goal so are approaching them with a value-based idea.

Hi [First Name], I was thinking about you earlier and I have an idea about how you can [remove pain or achieve a goal]. Let’s connect this week if you are around?

It might seem that this is a shorter approach than the 2 step approach above. It is.

What it doesn’t do is leverage your previous connection and awareness of their situation. The 2 step approach also creates a micro commitment i.e their initial response engages them and moves them closer to you.

Group 2 and 3 : Warm Network and Personal Network.

Here you are reaching out to people that are in your network but where you haven’t worked with them around this offer or engaged them about doing business before.

Approach 1: When you think they may be a good fit for the offer and the offer solves and easy to understand problem/goal with an easily understood process.

Hi [First Name], I was thinking about you earlier and I have an idea about how you can [remove pain or achieve a goal]. Let’s connect this week if you are around?

Approach 2: When you are unsure of fit, want to encourage referrals and/or your offer isn’t easy to understand

This approach requires a slightly longer message that is better suited to an email. If you don’t have their email then use clearbit.

Email Template:

Title: I’d value your input…

Hi [Name]

How’s things? I thought about you for something new we are working on and would love to get your feedback. We are [description about what you are doing.launching].

Our pretty revolutionary approach is aimed at providing [service] for companies. The service entails:

A) Feature to Benefit and problem it solves

B) Feature to Benefit and problem it solves

C) Feature to Benefit and problem it solves

It works amazingly well for solving [MAIN OVERARCHING PROBLEM]

At this stage, all I'm looking for are opportunities to present our new offering and get initial feedback so we can refine our presentations moving forward - no hard pitch.

So if you know of any progressive [JOB FUNCTION] who could benefit from [BENEFIT], then it would be great if you could forward this email to them and/or ideally if you can carve out 10 minutes I’d love your feedback too.

Let’s chat this week if you are around?


If you’ve pitched it correctly and have built enough of a list then you should have had a decent response to your initial approach.

You can choose your next step but we’d recommend a 2 call process where you have:

  1. An initial 10-minute call to ask further questions to identify if it could be a fit and find out where they are on the spectrum of awareness i.e are they aware of the pain or unaware. From there you can transition to call 2
  2. If they are aware you can transition to a ‘pitch deck process’ and if they are unaware you can transition them to a thought leader bridge.


Hi [First Name]

[Your short chit chat] Then when a natural point head into...

[first name] In a nutshell - we’ve recently developed a new solution to [end result which is the opposite of the No 1 pain]. It’s designed to give you [tangible results of the solution].

Before we dive into the details it probably makes sense to ask you a few questions to see exactly how or if it could work in your business – even just to find out what you’re working on right now since we spoke last.

Does that work for you?


Ask your top 3 to 5 qualifying and problem identification questions i.e.

● What’s the most important objective that you want to achieve in [your area]?

● Why is that important to you?

● What results would you expect/like to see?

● What is stopping you from achieving that objective?

Probe deeper on the answers.

Option 1: Recap if they appear to be highly relevant for a solution right now:

Give section: Now it’s your turn. Give 2 to 3 high-level ideas/soundbites

● Idea 1

● Idea 2

● Idea 3

[First Name] Which one of those ideas interests you the most?

Ok - fantastic. So if I understood it correctly,

Your primary objective in this area is [what they said]

The reason that is important for you is [what they said] and the results you’d like to see are [what they said].

And what’s stopped you from achieving this right now is [what they said].

And out of the ideas we discussed you really liked [what they said] because [what they said].

Option1 - Ok - perfect. [First Name]. The good news is we have a very specific process to help you get those results. The first part is to run our [foot in the door 2nd call name] where we can show you exactly how that works in more detail. As a result of that call, you’ll have a clear idea of:

● The benefit of call 2

● The benefit of call 2

● The benefit of call 2

How are you fixed next tuesday or wednesday?

Option 2 If you want to roll straight into a pitch deck. - Ok - perfect. [First Name]. The good news is we have a very specific process to help you get those results. I can share my screen and show you exactly how we’d do it if that works for you...


Elements of the closing scripts and positioning will be covered in more detail in the processes involved with positioning your front end offer pieces specific to market awareness. But to give you some alternate ideas there follows some scripted processes here.

When they seem to be a great fit for a Capabilities briefing: When they don’t know what they don’t know

[First Name]It seems like there is a great fit with your aims and our process here. I’d be happy to run a Capabilities Briefing with you and your team. In that session, we’ll give you an insight into the world of possibility of the problems we can solve and the solutions used to do that.

Your team will get clarity on a number of options to [reduce pain etc] as well as detailed insight into how other people in your Industry are solving those challenges.

We’ll also give you an insight into new and emerging technologies that will [description of pain or benefit 1, 2, 3].

When they have expressed an immediate pain or goal and in your summarisation, they were unequivocal in their agreement. I.e they are cap out ready to buy.

Is it okay if I go away and sit down with my team to create a strategy that will [achieve what they said they wanted]?

Wait for Yes.

That should take my team and I about 2 days to complete so how are you fixed next Tuesday at 3 to run through it.

[Explain what they will get]. [First Name] - all I ask in return is 2 things. Firstly, you come to that session prepared to work with us IF we clearly demonstrate that we can solve that challenge for you. And secondly, that you’ll work with me to invite the other members of your team that need to be there.

Close on the time.

Never send the documentation before the call. If you’re doing a Zoom then run through it then. If it’s a telephone call then send it a minute or two beforehand.

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