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9 Ideal Client Meetings in 2 Days

Published 4 months ago • 1 min read

I just had a call with Troy Norcross who got 9 ideal client meetings with people like the Head of Innovation of Nestle and FC Barcelona - all held over 2 days at a 'so so' conference he attended.

When we spoke about his plan for the conference he was grappling with what to do at to make it a valuable investment of his time and felt overwhelmed by exactly what to do.

He used the 'Conference Conversations' framework to book 9 meetings in advance of the conference which he held over the 2 days and generated real opportunity focused follow up conversations.

And now he's in full on follow up mode working out if these conversations are a good fit for his services.

I just posted the full video with Troy on Linkedin - go and check it out here

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