The Predictable Revenue Roadmap (PRR) is our super secret sauce. It helps us answer the important questions about your sales and marketing strategy before  investing the time, capital and energy implementing adhoc projects. 

Through roadmapping, we identify every opportunity to create value in your sales process, create your client aquisition and conversion system and build you a roadmap to make sure that when you head into implementation you’re absolutely ready to see quick results.

Put simply, we do this because it de-risks your investment. Creating a sales strategy can be an expensive, time-consuming process that can easily eat through hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars and years of your life. If you’re going to build something, you need to know that it’ll work. Roadmapping helps you be sure of your strategy and your process before diving into implementation – and it prepares you to create revenue as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

The Roadmapping Process

The Predictable Revenue Roadmap  is a two  day 'solution design' workshop where we dive deep into the overall strategy for your sales system, design a solution that solves your underlying  core problem,  while staying lean, and prepare you with everything you need to develop your go to market client acquisition strategy the right way. 

Peter, our CEO,  will travel to you and run an intense two-day roadmap session with you and your senior team. After the workshop, he’ll package the findings into a comprehensive document and review this with you. The workshop outcomes will be detailed enough to enable you, or one of your senior team members, to implement most of the sales strategies with little or no  no external help.

Day 1: The Strategy

On day one, our combined  objective is to design the optimal sales function for your Consulting company.  This is the strategy part. We'll peel away the layers of how you currently do things, how you believe things should be done  and what you feel should be done because 'that's how everyone does it'.  Peter will  question you about what would you do differently if you had to start your client acquisition system again from scratch — no existing business development people, no existing sales and marketing process — just a great service wanting to get to market!

This will lead to some serious thinking, some strenuous debate and the sacrifice of the odd sacred cow! The end result however, will be the skeleton of a sales process more elegant, more efficient and way more effective than you ever imagined possible.

Day 2: The Implemetation

On day two the focus is implementation. This is where we determine exactly how to transition to your designed end state end-state as rapidly as possible, without doing harm to your profitability along the way.

In doing so, Peter will get you to  plan for the practicalities of making any planned changes.  He’ll map out what positions and skill-sets are required in your new-look client acquisition function (who can do what and what new skills you need to bring in).

He’ll look at your technology requirements —  Market monitoring systems,  Lead Generation technology, CRM and sales management information systems as well as the required reporting and KPI's. Peter will workshop how you can best generate client sales opportunities and then, importantly, convert these opportunities into high value revenue.

And finally, he’ll consider how to best integrate all these new processes with your oragizational structure and people resources.

Let's Talk

You don’t have to be a company of sales wizards to work with us - that's the whole point. We are here to do the heavy lifting for you. We’ve roadmapped with clients big and small, and some of our most successful clients have been people who had never has any sales strategy before the roadmapping session.

Let’s 'sit down' and have a conversation about your idea , over the phone. We don’t bite, there’s no commitment, and who knows – we might just change your world view on what is possible.

The best way to start the process is to engage in a 45 minute 'Possibilities Briefing' with Peter.