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The whitepapers below serve 2 purposes. 1) To show you my ideology around selling. 2) I use these as a case study with my clients. A magical device called a 'trigger' (I train you how to use these) alerted me that this company might be a good fit for me to contact them. I did using the system that I will share with you. The result - within 5 weeks they invested in me to create these  White Papers for them. Most consultants would be offering to do this for free but my system not only got me revenue, Newvoicemedia are one of the biggest technology providers to my ideal prospect profile. Each White Paper they promote has my branding and my links in it, driving me opportunities month in and month out - perfect expert positioning!   Newvoicemedia is what I call a 'new corporate' that is currently worth around $500 million and didn't exist 10 years ago. Click on the images to read the whitepapers or see them live here:


Richards First Video:

2 Weeks Later:


Watch the story of Joern Romberg unfold - First he has a coaching call and then buys a course. Then he becomes a coaching client and we get going getting him meetings with Chief Operating Officers of Global Airlines.

Andrew Diplock

"Working with Peter was a critical business decision for us at a crucial growth stage in the business. As a respected energy consultancy business in the UK and with a relatively crowded marketplace, we were struggling to produce a predictable flow of high quality first conversations with new prospects. We were creating around 3 or 4 first conversations per month and Peter allowed us to increase that to around 15 to 20. And not only that, the quality has drastically increased and the sales cycle has shortened. The work we did together in short and long term pipeline has added hundreds of thousands of £ to our long term business value"

"This is the system EVERY business needs for rapid growth and scale."

"This is the system EVERY business needs for rapid growth and scale. Outbound sales is an exceptionally complex topic mixing together wide skills like copy-writing, salesmanship and a deep technical and marketing knowledge. If you are simply dealing with a list of qualified contacts and calling them up following a sales script and CRM, then you're essentially selling like its 1986. The major advances in technology, automation, big data and marketing tools means that outbound prospecting has never been so incredibly powerful, and at the same time there is a myriad of technology and strategy to breakdown to make it work. This course is magical... it lays it all out step by step, and no matter which part you need to implement there are magic words, sales scripts, tips and tools that have helped us get quick leverage in our business... and what's most important... knowing we are moving in the right direction. With Peter's help we've avoided so many pitfalls that would have cost us thousands and wasted us a lot of money. If you look at the fastest growing B2B companies, they know how to prospect and drive sales in a systemized and effective way. If you want to be part of that this is the MUST course for outbound prospecting. The depth of knowledge, tools and strategy is unparalleled.

We like to do what many others have done already. There's safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety."


"One Of The Easiest Investments You Can Make..."

Whether you are new to generating leads from outbound cold emailing, or you are an old hand with this relatively new technology, the Sales Prospecting System has to be one of the easiest investments you can make. The logical sequence and step-by-step guides - from identifying suspects and sending your first (and subsequent) e-mails to prospects, to getting that all-important meeting ahead of your competitors – have a natural flow that I've not seen before. It is certainly being used in my company (we specialise in B2B and have a long sales cycle) and I am delighted with the programme

john coldwell Inforequest CRM 

"Sets A High Standard For Value"

I have used Peters System and I have been continually impressed with the quality and detail of the material. There are a few things that are different about the system:

The knowledge of how sales actually works that has been built into the program. This means that every suggestion or 'how-to' will work in practice and easily. I immediately implemented a couple of small changes that had a big payoff. The information is up to date and updated. Sales is changing very fast. I found tools and methods here that I did not know about. It is a great resource and sets a high standard for value and ease of use.

simon lovegrove

"I Don't have to try to make it up any more..."

I used to think there was an art to selling and that scared me because it felt hard to pin down.

What I love about Peters System is that it puts a structure and framework around the sales process so I don’t have to try and make it up any more.


"Unbelievable value - you can easily 10x the price..."

Your insights on ‘good and bad language’ on calls and emails seemed like obvious stuff – but it’s info that we all forget.. especially the underlying tones behind the language we use and don’t implement.

Your Scripts are great and give a great insight into how you’re always aiming to provide value to the recipient. I really got value from those weasel words we tend to use, ” sorry to bother you” etc and how they can make you appear as subservient & how you’re automatically lowering yourself before you’ve even offered anything.

The value of The Prospecting System is – unbelievable. you could easily 10X the price and still have businesses sign up!

aubrey vaz

Thank you. I have gained huge value from this course. It is more comprehensive than any other I have undertaken. It’s a bargain at this price. It has two huge advantages over most of the others:

It puts the focus on the client. The others sometimes paid lip service to this concept, but were really about “hard sell”- how to make sales to earn commissions and profits for the seller.

The concept of gates was a real revelation to me, with my background training in “hard sell.” It is a more natural process, which allows the buyer and seller to build an enduring relationship

John Duvenage

"The Most Effective Prospecting System..."

"This is the most effective course on prospecting I've ever seen. Peter is a master at what he does. I started going through the materials yesterday and couldn't stop. Executing some of the ideas you presented will produce a healthy ROI for me in the future. The entire course is filled with effective, tested, and practical strategies and tactics to help consultants achieve predictable sales revenues."